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[MULTI] Beyblade Season 02 [YTV-RIP] [Kmonmoy]

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[MULTI] Beyblade Season 02 [YTV-RIP] [Kmonmoy]

Post  Harry-Potter on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:46 pm


Year: 07.01.2002 till 30.12.2002
Episodes: 51
Categories: Action, Proxy Battles, SciFi, Shounen
Director: Takeuchi Yoshio
Production: d-rights, HeeWon Entertainment, Lee Production, Madhouse Studios, Nippon Animedia, Takara


Group: andyscot
Video: 640x480 | 23,976 (eps 201-214) XviD | 1000 kBit/s
640x480 | 25 fps (eps 215-251) DivX4 | 1000 kBit/s
Audio: 2.0 Stereo | MP3 | 128 kBit/s
Subtitle: None...


After winning the title of World Champion Beyblader, Tyson’s ego couldn’t be more extreme. The other members of the Bladebreakers have moved on to tasks of their own: Max is studying up at a research lab, Ray returned home and is teaching kids how to play the game, and Kai has disappeared. Their thrill of winning soon fades as each member is targeted one by one by hooded opponents who possess blades with invisible bit-beasts within! Unfortunately for the gang, they are also being hunted by a secret evil organization who wants the Bladebreakers’ bit beasts for themselves. Countless battles and fierce opponents await our champions! (Anime-Planet)

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