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[MULTI] Beyblade Season 03 [TOONAMI-RIP] [Kmonmoy]

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[MULTI] Beyblade Season 03 [TOONAMI-RIP] [Kmonmoy]

Post  Harry-Potter on Mon Dec 31, 2012 1:47 pm


Year: 06.01.2003 till 29.12.2003
Episodes: 52
Categories: Action, Proxy Battles, SciFi, Shounen
Director: Hashimoto Mitsuo
Production: d-rights, Madhouse Studios, SBS, Son O Gong, Takara, TV Tokyo


Group: andyscot
(eps 103-128, 141, 148, 154)
640x480 | 25 fps | DivX4 | 1000 kBit/s
(eps 129-123, 134-140, 142-147, 149-151)
640x480 | 23,976 fps | XviD | 1000 kBit/s
(eps 133)
480x360 | 25 fps | DivX4 | 1000 kBit/s
(eps 152-153)
640x480 | 29,970 fps | XviD | 1000 kBit/s
Audio: 2.0 Stereo | MP3 | 128 kBit/s
Subtitle: None...


Two-time Beyblader champion Tyson has a new profession: teacher! In his spare time he instructs children on the ways of the ‘blades, but his ego is soon disrupted once more by the entrance of a new challenger: the fiery-haired Daichi! Things heat up more when the next Beyblade World Championship is announced, but there’s a catch: prospective champions must qualify with a tag team. As members of the Bladebreakers leave to hopefully become the best Beyblader around, Tyson is left to train his hardest. Can Tyson retain his championship title for yet a third time?

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