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[MULTI] Dream Eater Merry S01 *p Web-DL

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[MULTI] Dream Eater Merry S01 *p Web-DL

Post  Harry-Potter on Sun Feb 24, 2013 9:47 am

Yumeji meets Merry, a dream demon on a mission to send Demons back to the dreamworld and protect people from losing their dreams.
[size=150]01. Dream & Reality[/size]

For the last ten years Yumeji Fujiwara’s life has been getting progressively stranger, as his ability to predict what kind of dreams other people will has gotten stronger and more reliable. Now his own dreams take a bizarre turn in which he is pursued by armies of cats! Not does Yumeji learn that the leader of the dream cats, a Dream Demon called John Doe, needs Yumeji’s body to access the Real World, but a beautiful girl suddenly drops on top of him. She tells Yumeji that her name is Merry and that she’s a Dream Demon who needs to return to HER world!
[size=150]02. Dream & Hope[/size]

Having at least temporarily escaped from John Doe, Yumeji returns to the Real World. He takes the unconscious Merry to the Tachibana’s for shelter and safety. After she awakens, Merry explains that a Dream Demon must have a human host to access the Real World, most of the time, the Dream Demon totally posses the human without giving them a choice. But sometimes, the Dream Demon coexists with the host, leaving the host aware and able to dictate their own actions. Meanwhile, at school there is a mysterious new transfer student. Her name is Chizuru Kawanami, but not much else is known about her and she’s not telling. There are, however, sinister happenings afoot in the Dream World where friendly Dream Demons and their human hosts are being attacked and possessed by someone or someTHING decidedly UNfriendly. Merry decides that she cannot stay with the Tachibana’s but must strike out on her own and solve her problems independently.
[size=150]03. From Beyond the Dream[/size]

Yumeji continues his search for Merry. Just as he’s given up hope of being able to find her, he encounters a young girl named Minato. As fate would have it, Merry has also run into and befriended young Minato. It quickly becomes apparent that Minato has a “friend” that she only sees at night: a Dream Demon named Ichima. Yumeji and Merry have met Minato just in the nick of time as Ichima has decided to finally make her move on Minato’s body. The two team up to defeat the Dream Demon, but Merry remains stuck in the Real World. Yumeji offers to use his ability to see people’s dream auras to help Merry identify impending Dream Demon appearances. While Merry admits his ability would be useful to her, she turns him down flat. Meanwhile, in another place, a new Dream Demon is preparing an all out assault on reality.
[size=150]04. Dream Eater Merry[/size]

While Isana attempts to make friends with Chizuru by inviting her for coffee, the Literary Club decides to go out to karaoke. Merry tags along and discovers two important things: 1) Yumeji can’t sing; and 2) Mei Hoshino, captain of the Literary Club is getting a lot of mysterious emails. It turns out that Mei’s unknown admirer is, in fact, a Dream Demon going by the name of Chris. Determined to stop him from harming her, Yumeji thrusts Chris into a daydream in an attempt to force him out of Mei’s body. Yumeji may have struck the first blow, but the Dream Demon quickly gets the upper hand - at least, until Merry arrives. He is quickly vanquished, but leaves Merry with some troubling words that make her wonder what is really going on. Merry finally decides to stay with the Tachibanas and work at their coffee shop to help earn her keep.
[size=150]05. Bewildered By Dreams[/size]

When Isana sends Yumeji and Merry to the local mall to do some grocery shopping, the trip instead turns into an encounter with the most powerful Dream Demon they’ve met yet. But Engi ThreePiece isn’t your typical Dream Demon. She’s a Dream Demon with a mission - a mission that sounds suspiciously like what Merry is attempting to do. Is she really a human-enslaving monster? Or an, as yet, unrecognized ally? Only time will tell, but it may be running out.
[size=150]06. Encounter With Dreams[/size]

Merry and Yumeji manage to drive off Engi ThreePiece, but their victory comes at a price when Yumeji is severely wounded. Still, once they return to the Real World, Yumeji appears to fine physically, but he doesn’t seem to do anything but sleep. And while he’s sleeping he has another encounter with John Doe. However, this encounter is much more peaceful than the last. John Doe not only has his cat nurses heal Yumeji’s psychic wounds, he tells Yumeji what he knows of Pharos Heracles. He also mentions another powerful Dream Demon by the name of Mistltein, the Ocean of Trees, and tells Yumeji to be careful, that his wounds at the hands of Engi ThreePiece are nothing compared to what lies ahead.
[size=150]07. Dreams, Swimsuits & the Color of the Ocean[/size]

It’s time for a break, and Yumeji, Isana, Merry and all their friends head to the beach for some much needed R&R. Merry is still struggling with Engi ThreePiece’s revelation that Dream Demons can neither return to, or be sent back to the Dream World. If that’s true, Merry wonders what she’s been doing. Yumeji tries to cheer Merry up and help her overcome her crisis of faith. Unfortunately, they’re both so wrapped up in their own problems, that they don’t notice when a daydream opens near them and a young boy is attacked by a new and terrible Dream Demon: Mistltein.
[size=150]08. Dream Gallery[/size]

After the beach trip, Yumeji’s ankle is still bothering him, so he visits a local doctor. While he’s there, he discovers the doctor’s granddaughter is Yui, the girl from the mall - the girl possessed by Engi ThreePiece. He ends up talking to Engi and discovering that she’s not the monster he and Merry thought she was. Together they go to talk to Merry, only to be drawn into a fresh daydream populated by trickster Maze Landsborough and his automated dolls. Yumeji, Merry and Engi are in for a fight.
[size=150]09. Disturbed Dream[/size]

Seeing how much Merry and Engi are disturbed by Landsborough’s taunts and jeers that they are just like him, Yumeji ends the daydream, leaving Landsborough still in possession of his human vessel. While Merry and Engi discuss their differences, Yumeji and Yui talk about why they are helping the Dream Demons. Meanwhile, Mr. Iijima begins to show his true colors as he preys on the dreams of hopeful high school students. Including, much to the dismay of Yumeji and Merry, Isana Tachibana.
[size=150]10. Without Waking Up from the Dream[/size]

After they get over the initial shock of discovering that Isana is harboring a Dream Demon, Yumeji and Merry begin to discuss what can be done about. Yumeji enlists the aid of Engi and Yui in planning a sort of spiritual intervention to determine whether the intentions of Isana’s Dream Demon. Meanwhile, despite her own Dream Demon’s disdain, Chizuru is becoming increasingly concerned about her new, and only, friend. The showdown with Mistltein is looming and the friends can only hope they’ll have enough left after the fight with the Ocean of Trees to face Pharos Heracles.
[size=150]11. Guardian of the Dream[/size]

Yumeji amd Engi confront Isana’s Dream Demon and learn that Palate is an essential harmless Dream Demon that has been stranded in the Real World, much like Merry. The problem with sending him back to the Dream World is that he’ll likely take Isana’s dream of becoming an artist with him, whether he means to or not. The friends discuss their various options, but run out of time when Mistltein begins her attack on Palate. They manage to fend her off for the time being, but in the process Mr. Iijima’s secret is revealed at last, leaving Yumeji felling betrayed and hopeless.
[size=150]12. Bad Dream[/size]

Final exams are over, and while most students are getting ready to enjoy their summer break, Yumeji and his friends are preparing to defend Isana from Mistltein. Then Mr. Iijima shows up at the coffee shop and the fight is on. Engi opens a Daydream and draws Mistltein in. Merry and the rest are determined to save Isana, but will it be enough to defeat the powerful Ocean of Trees? The fight doesn’t go well, and with Engi and Merry both down for the count, Yumeji decides it’s up to him to stop Mistltein and save Isana and her dream.
[size=150]13. Dream Again[/size]

Final exams are over, and while most students are getting ready to enjoy their summer break, Yumeji and his friends are preparing to defend Isana from Mistltein. Then Mr. Iijima shows up at the coffee shop and the fight is on. Engi opens a Daydream and draws Mistltein in. Merry and the rest are determined to save Isana, but will it be enough to defeat the powerful Ocean of Trees? The fight doesn’t go well, and with Engi and Merry both down for the count, Yumeji decides it’s up to him to stop Mistltein and save Isana and her dream.








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bb98b767c70a5efe7c71b2f7be977402 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E03.From.Beyond.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
c1859636a705b475ff6af8d800d63f60 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E03.From.Beyond.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
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4bb02360a2e08ce26b5302361f31b4c8 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E04.Dream.Eater.Merry.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
19713ab5eb5ec32fdb75dad27dcb5c71 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E04.Dream.Eater.Merry.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
6f610dfd22352a260ab9b6800d4df55f *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E04.Dream.Eater.Merry.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
16e8f08aca9bb2e14c881ed4de4c0a75 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E05.Bewildered.By.Dreams.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
0b0de9e5c19726bdcc46c5819fd0fe6e *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E05.Bewildered.By.Dreams.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
88fa1b594d495a24e97798b0c438be21 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E05.Bewildered.By.Dreams.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
f1de2abb4054d1061ffa5b224160b94b *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E06.Encounter.With.Dreams.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
822849c9b50f9449964d5cc0c27b7a7d *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E06.Encounter.With.Dreams.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
c84f7b66c667323ba999ec55319de7e7 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E06.Encounter.With.Dreams.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
8f45e88424db801441be09028b8a207b *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E07.Dreams_.Swimsuits.and.the.Color.of.the.Ocean.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
135fa53b04d9bdf6563cd419e429c261 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E07.Dreams_.Swimsuits.and.the.Color.of.the.Ocean.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
29653148033e0efc84abec8ce45b98a8 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E07.Dreams_.Swimsuits.and.the.Color.of.the.Ocean.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
14fdfe555e21c66875cd762488bbf433 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E08.Dream.Gallery.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
6a01b1074af71fc91a45850731c09c34 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E08.Dream.Gallery.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
851c1748cd9be4e5aff3883f65d6786a *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E08.Dream.Gallery.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
ec9d583bab5284ddbc65ca4c2e007f70 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E09.Disturbed.Dream.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
47fd9113dda93cd3962fe5c6e9763022 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E09.Disturbed.Dream.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
205888d27f1e93ba23ed8183dffe35d6 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E09.Disturbed.Dream.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
4993391a1e19ad9fb5e6700726703eb8 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E10.Without.Waking.Up.from.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
79f1bb46b39c7146de71d96ac138cb41 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E10.Without.Waking.Up.from.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
a9eb230f203e0536c68c2681aa5f1b5b *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E10.Without.Waking.Up.from.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
c7894d7ba0e7d575fc12be0566d6626c *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E11.Guardian.of.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
a954a1c017e447f981e5d45453d6787d *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E11.Guardian.of.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
5d7f66e682e6e2842805bba7dd538389 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E11.Guardian.of.the.Dream.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
5e9ea779ebfcfd9bb2b862367a6f258f *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E12.Bad.Dream.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
f73b038bd04f76925e2fb626b7dd7e91 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E12.Bad.Dream.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
38686a3490c2e2c7945ecbe644e73eb9 *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E12.Bad.Dream.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
58da507c09a5e5a21c4c41583b932def *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E13.Dream.Again.Web-DL.h264.1080p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
6f46ea3094b809dec40c818c2a4cfcbd *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E13.Dream.Again.Web-DL.h264.480p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv
353787ac17d41607db873456984d1e3f *Dream.Eater.Merry.S01E13.Dream.Again.Web-DL.h264.720p.AAC.2.0-Pikanet128.mkv



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