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[MULTI] Slugterra S01 *p Web-DL+CC

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[MULTI] Slugterra S01 *p Web-DL+CC

Post  Pikanet128 on Wed Sep 11, 2013 10:03 pm

Season 1, Vol. 2 Art (Vol. 2)

Season 1, Vol. 1 Art (Vol. 1)
Eli Shane is determined to be the greatest slugslinging hero of them all! Deep in the underground world of Slugterra, Eli and his crew roam the 99 caverns collecting, training and dueling with little critters called “slugs.” But there is a very real threat to the world and the slugs; evil Dr. Blakk is seeking to “ghoul” the slugs, transforming them into feral mindless weapons! No one has been able to stand up to Blakk’s powerful slugs and army of henchmen…until now.
Eli Shane continues on his quest to be the greatest slugslinging hero of them all! Deep in the underground world of Slugterra, Eli and his crew roam the 99 caverns facing many challenges including a vicious Ice Ogre that gets bigger the more you shoot it and learning how to fight in duels when your best slugs are not at your side! But Eli’s biggest challenge is realizing that for him to continue in Slugterra, he may have to confide his greatest secret to all his friends!
01. The World Beneath Our Feet, Pt. 1

Eli Shane comes from a long line of Shane's, a family which protects the world beneath, Slugterra.
02. The World Beneath Our Feet, Pt. 2

Eli enters a slugslinging tournament to prove that he's ready to be Slugterra's next Shane.
03. The Trade

After the Shane hideout is ransacked, the gang trades in one of Eli's prized slugs for new gear.
04. The Slugout

When punks crash Quiet Lawn Cavern, they think no one there's got the guts to stand up to them.
05. Deadweed

Eli doesn't believe in ghosts- until he enters Deadweed cavern! Was his first instinct right?
06. The Slug Run

The Slug Run is the ultimate no-holds-barred mecha race. Will Eli make it to the end in one piece?
07. Shadows & Light

A short cut takes the Shanes through the territory of the Shadow Clan, putting them in a jam.
08. Dawn of the Slug

A fun trip to the mall cavern goes awry when it's overrun by zombie-like victims of the Zombus slug.
09. Club Slug

The gang signs up for a weekend camp that promises to teach your slugs tons of new moves!
10. Endangered Species

Long thought to be merely a legend, an Enigmo Slug has finally been spotted!
11. Mecha Mutiny

When Kord can't find a way to fix Shane's Gang's Mecha Beasts, Shane must go to the Mecha Forge.
12. Undertow

After a wild ride on the Flumes, the Shane gang finds themselves dropped into a sea cavern.
13. Mario Bravado

Pronto is put in jail by a corrupt judge, and Eli has a one-in-a-million chance of getting him out!
14. The New Kid, Pt. 1

The four members of the Shane Gang think they've found the fifth in a street-smart kid named Twist.
15. The New Kid, Pt. 2

Twist harbors a dark secret that could doom the mission - and the Shane Gang.
16. Snowdance

The Shane Gang ends up in big trouble when they are avalanched inside a frozen cavern!
17. Inheritance

A thief breaks into the Shane Gang HQ looking for the fabled "Shane Treasure."
18. A Distant Shore

In order to stay in Slugterra, Eli is going to have to confide his greatest secret to his friends.
19. The Journey Home

Eli ends up in a duel without his best slugs! This episode tracks a slug's journey back to Eli.
20. Technoslugs

Scientist Quentin Kozinski has invented mechanical slugs to prove that science can beat any slug.
21. The Unbeatable Master

A mysterious slugslinging master appears and though old, this slinger is an amazing battler.
22. Dark Water, Deep Water

Blakk hires a thug to build a Deep Water Rig to drill for Dark Water at the bottom of Cavern Sea.
23. The Gentlemen and the Thief

Using some stolen tech, Dana Por is able to go in any cavern in Slugterraand rob them blind!
24. No Exit

A swarm of Neurotox ghoul slugs have created a massive toxic cloud that attacks Lumino's residents!


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