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[FC] Monsuno [NEW SERIES][ON-GOING] 720P/480P WEB-DL

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[FC] Monsuno [NEW SERIES][ON-GOING] 720P/480P WEB-DL

Post  Tiggy on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:04 am

Plot Summary:Meteors
Fell to the planet. These meteors carried life in the form of powerful, chaotic, uncontrollable genetic material.
This was Monsuno; origins unknown, but catastrophically destructive to the planet’s prehistoric population. As the dinosaurs perished, the uninvited Monsuno essence fell instinctively dormant – and over millions of years, dropped deeper and deeper below the planet’s surface...Until today.

When a potent energy source is discovered in the
MK-layers of the planet, scientist Jeredy Suno believes he’s struck a solution to the ever-
mounting energy crisis. What he doesn’t know – this green energy source.

Here are few episodes that TheHeartlessHero managed to rip and encode of ITunes.
More episodes will be coming soon as soon as we get time and money to do them.

[size=150]SEASON 1[/size]
S01E01 -
480P- 73nhgjox
720P- fm7ogh3i

S01E02 -
480p - c5q7mdhz
720p - vp4note8

S01E03 -
480p - ybhjl2o4
720p - usb7jrtp

S01E04 -
480p - lk4a7vsn
720p - ad7bhc2v

S01E05 -
480p - bnog1zq0
720p - q02axjk4

S01E06 -
480p - mk8f4qpx
720p - 0mtyijn8

480p- zrm6t1jn
720p- mxzn5yif

480p- pzevs3on
720p- pemrny6c

480p- vf8ntqkb
720p- lqwgp5jz

480p- zxu3qhp2
720p- wxcknr7p

480p- 6gv78xtn
720p- 30zskocw

480p- tba8hpo9
720p- pa3z7m18

480p- n78kucrs
720p- bxe06pjo

S01E14 -
480P- oridcvbp
720P- 2modng4v

[size=150]Season 2[/size]
 Coming Soon

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